your somnia

Sisters, girlfriends and business partners.

 It has always been our dream to work in fashion. We never stopped dreaming. We remember the day when we were driving to St. Tropez, daydreaming about having our own fashion brand. And that’s the day when your somnia was born. your somnia has a special meaning to us. In latin “somnia” means “dream”. A dream is the part of the mind that imagines things. A desire or hope for something to happen. That’s us, that’s your somnia. With your somnia we want to create collections that will awaken your deepest dreams. Being in a state of excitement, delirious and euphoric. Imagine wearing one of our dresses, watching the sunset at a beach in Sardinia. We don’t just want to romanticize our life. 

We want a life where dreams come true. That’s what you feel, when you wear your somnia.


meet the team



Creative Director 

I love fashion since I am a little kid. I am fascinated by fabrics, patterns and colors. What fascinates me about fashion is that you can show emotions with it. You can tell a story with it. Since my passion has always been fashion, I studied textile business management. With your somnia I made a dream came true. We design all our clothes ourselves and source fabrics. It is a long way until a garment can go to production. Many decisions, changes and new ideas are made in the meantime. It is an exciting journey.